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numbers don't lieWHAT MAKES US SPECIAL?

We are a dynamic enterprise that moves fast with the last trends on the market. As an example, we have already created a full range of peripherals for digital printers, complete solution for the perfect rotary die cut or merging concepts for new generation solutions.


Die Storage

Die storage HC, Die Storage LC, Rotary die trolley, Flat die trolley, Mixed trolley

Production Lines

High Quality Printing Line, Multicassete Line, Flexo folder gluer

Rotary Die Cutting

Rotary die cylinder, Anvil cylinder, Die handler, Die converter, Die handle,

Independent Units

Slotter, RDC, Transfer, Setup Kit, Printer, Squarer, Applicator

Digital Printer Peripherals

Prefeeder, Feeder, Control unit, Varnisher, Drying unit, Counter ejector, Turner stacker

Recycled Machinery

Rapidex RAO 1500 x 2800, Picó 1250 x 2100

Who We Are?

We are a original machine manufacturers which mean a group of professionals working together to creat, provide and support the latest technology machines for the corrugated board industry

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What We Do?

We design and manufacture machinery for corrugated board industry. Our machinery has a special touch of our expertise translated to smart solutions and high technology applied. New ideas and new projects are constantly in our hands.

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What We Offer?

We offer a large range of machines adaptable to all needs and sizes with the latest improvement and patents of the market to reach you expectations. We also can create a new solution specially for you.

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